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(+18) Into the Forest Ch.4

23 June 19

The individuals all collected in the large mansion, each of them filled with curiosity. Their curiosity was quickly relieved when they became aware that the accessibility to the west wing of the mansion was limited. They had all listened to the rumours of ghosts and various other paranormal tasks occurring within the wall surfaces of the mansion, and currently they were established to figure out what was taking place. Despite the caution, they determined to find a way and attempt right into the west wing. Maybe the rumours held true and they would certainly figure out something about the paranormal tasks. They searched the mansion for any feasible surprise entrance, but fruitless. They determined to brave the secured door and see what was on the various other side. With a cumulative deep breath, they unlocked, ready to face whatever was within.

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3 ρlûs (2 mùltïplÿ by 10) mînús 2   =

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