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House of Morecock in Moby Beefstick 1

4 May 21

If while reading "Moby Prick" you start to picture something not just big and effective but also something sexy after that you most definitely need to check this computer animated adventure! And yes, it is greatly yaoi themed in case you are still wondering! Great deals of individuals, great deals of sex scenes and besides that great deals of wit! Articulated and well computer animated! Regrettable this is just one episode of what was intended to be a collection...

My Personal Driver

7 May 18

This game lets you know a tale about a homosexual man who functions as a private driver. So that your building. A message appears on the display. Your boss asks you to visit his office in the morning. Sex dreams appear on mind. You know your boss will be homosexual too. What can occur!? With these ideas you fall asleep. In the daytime you arrive at the workplace and proceed with the boss into the assembly. Then the boss invites you . He looks at you. He comes up to you and murmurs affectionate phrases. He wants to have homosexual hookup. You go to the bedroom where the boss starts sucking on your pipe. And after that you masturbate off his dick and munch the balls... In case you would like to find out more, then commence playing right now.

GD: Individual Services

5 October 18

The classic pron scenario takes a brand-new turn: rather of dealing with the troubles for busty hosuewife this time the fixing master will certainly be helping handosme and respected business owner! As for the remainder component of the tale after that it will certainly by the quite acquainted route. And if you are not right into yaoi (gay) themes after that simply do not play it - we have a great deal of various other video games on our internet site for virtually any preference!


1 October 23

Some hot Furry fun. Enjoy the second version of this game of hot fox fun. As a miner out looking for minerals to mine. You are in the forest gathering minerals. In this newest version of the game there are some added features to help you. An apple which helps with health, as well as gold, glass and sand. Also, there is a hint of some player vs raccoon fun. And don't foreget the hard pile driving ass fucking fox fun in this single adult scene game.

Freshmen: Physical Education

6 January 24

Connor Brandt is the main personality of this tale. His tale absolutely starts just when he finally goes to university. Connor has 2 passions in his life - developing his talent at art and sex-related experiments. The only problem is that he enjoys individuals... but is it really a problem? In university he might find quite a great deal of brand-new buddies that will happily help him with both of his interests!

The Motel

10 April 24

Exists a place extra monotonous than a vacant motel on the side of the big drab desert? In some way the wedded pair has actually seen the potential of the place and acquired it. Currently all they are doing is attempting to maintain this place running in every way they can. Well, that and also fucking with eveyrone they can! And yes, occasionally there are quite interesting personalities amongst their visitors...