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The Mr Pinku Game : LPV

23 December 18

MrPinku's new game is called "LPV". But, if you want to find the meaning of everything then it means "Let’s play vikings "...." If you value your sense of humor then you might consider different games. If you're still here and don't mind testing your sense of humor thenyou can follow the story of three men who have no business fooling aroundand everyone else seeing only chaos and destruction through their deeds. They will escape punishment by playing vikingand destroying the places they shouldn't have to. This is where the player should help them. If you succeed, there will be a few sexy scenes.

MrPinku Happiness is In The Field : Episode 1

4 October 18

This intriguing and interactive computer game can tell you a desired life narrative. Thus, Rosie's big-breasted mummy had a son-in-law. He disturbs faculty and is frequently super-naughty. To fix his behaviour, Rosie writes a letter into auntie Ann requesting her to appear if her son-in-law to the summertime. Auntie Ann agrees and thus the game embarks. Have a glimpse at the diversion demonstrate. You're a school bully of pleasure. Your auntie Ann may allow you to attempt this particular job. You will have the ability to acquire the obligation extra intriguing, however it's fully possible to achieve that. However consider the"happiness" indicator on the game demonstrate. Walk around the farm, lure the indigenous girls and have joy - that is going to be the purpose in this game. So you have got to complete the fuckfest assignment and fuck as a few now girls as possible. Use your mouse to behave together with the game. Let us start the joy right now.