Mr Pinku

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MrPinku Happiness is In The Field : Episode 1

4 October 18

Even the very first-ever sequence in funny and at times sensual minigame show from MrPinku"Delight is At The Area" will require you into the gorgeous country side in which one of the cherry farms and nature you'll be meeting a variety of characters. The majority of them can supply you with smallish jobs or couple of steps quests that will ask that you explore every region where you can get to become involved in more funny scenarios. Overall the gameplay strategy is similar to old school point-and-click quests if you're experiencing that the lack of these games recently then you've got one more reason to attempt this game. Ofcourse it isn't likely to be far too difficult or lengthy once more - thsi is only the first sequence so don't leave behind to look at our site for other sequences later!

The Mr Pinku Game : LPV

23 December 18

In the event you're really wondering that the letters LPV from the name of this game really imply"Lets Play Vikings" that also with ususal crazyness of all MrPinku's intercative creations promises this game to be fairly joy enetrtainment! Nevertheless it will not be the entertainment for your whole famely because neither mature themes nor alluring minutes has disappeared from the primary gameplay attributes. The major gameplay challenge is in choosing the right character at the right minute to perfom needed action and from that to accomplish the pursuit. There'll be a few adult oriented scenes nevertheless in order to love these you will need to pay attention to the gameplay trying to finish this up by simply luck will require fairly a great deal of time.