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Splendid Magic 5

6 May 21

Series of fantasy quest games crammed with humor, puzzles and fucky-fucky is getting to its so if you were following it from the very first gig you certainly should not miss the conclusion! As for teh gameplay strategy it is pretty much the same and still based on old point-and-click quests. Hero is coming in some locations, produce sthem to interact one way or another by using his magic wand and once all the puzzles within this location will be solved he receives access to the next one and find objects that are active. By the way in this gig he will eventually get his chance to save the princess who turnes out to be pretty and sexy blonde and if he will succeed in it he will get the most important reward that every kingdom can donate... or another person - to find it out you will hav eto play the game yourself.

The Rise of Bhaal Alpha 0.0.1

7 May 21

Hellfire and plenty of demons ar watching for you within the game. Baal isn't only the most part of this role-playing game, however additionally the in-law of Lucifer himself! And once Lucifer finds the way to flee from his underworld, Baal should take his dad's place... but only to seek out out that he isn't sturdy enough to regulate Gehenna! So this whole state of affairs did not increase in size to be an apocalypse for all the worlds, he would need to observe the way to bring Lucifer back. At the side of his half-sister, he's not solely about to handle a lot of enemies, however additionally exposes the terrible truth regarding Lucifer's aims and very likely even ruins them... or be a part of them to achieve enough power! In reality, across his search, he can stop by the mundane field, wherever he are all set to meet several horny women with whom he can celebrate, as a result of not on a daily basis ought to be crammed with simply problems, right? Start now.

Horny Lesbian Milf

7 May 21

A sultry and big-titted mom lives in a huge mansion. She has a youthful maid. On occasion the mom invites a maid to her room to possess lesbo fuck-fest. You will see it today. Hence the mom takes off her dress and you see her beautiful figure with big tits. Then the mom takes off her hooter-sling and tastey watermelons hop out. Wow.. The gal takes off her underpants and walks closer to the maid with red hair. Then the mom starts kissing the maid and also taking off her clothes. Then a couple of naughty lezzies hop on the sofa and lesbian fuck-fest commences. Girls eat each other's tastey joy buttons and moist pink coochies, and then fuck each other with a major vidrator. Let's commence the game and determine what happens next. Do it now.

Killer Magic

17 May 21

"Sexy Magic" is a set of fun adult themed quests that will be happening in some fantasy medieval time. Overall there are going to be five sequences (at least for now and all of them are already available on our website) and there is no finer opportunity for you to inject this amazing universe than to beging this arousing journey from the step one obviously! This is going to be the story about youthfull mage who undoubtedly has some skills but nevertheless not the brightest head so he is going to get into troubles all the time (but the troubles caused by his interest in sexy girls are his dearest for sure). Solve the set of puzzles on each location to stir further through the story and see what sexy stunner our hero will get the chance to fuck in the end!

Witch Hunt

24 May 21

You most likely reminisce that huge-chested sorceress from Witch Gang Bang game. This time she's going to be totally screwed by one lucky zombie she stumbled upon in the woods.

Lola's Adventure Chap 4

5 June 21

The adventures of lovely woman named Lola and her friend Rose are going to continue in chapter number four. In case you have been playing through the preceding chapters (and it is recommended to do since this whole game is story driven) then you know that Lola is having quite unique problem - pretty much every male that she meets wants to fuck her! And this is not only because she is hot looking and have nice kinks but because of some magical spell or even curse that was put on her. And today Lola and Rose are going to conitnue their quest on fidniding the way to cure Lola from it... and ofcourse they will get fucked quite a lot till this moment! And in order to keep you even more interested you should know that this time they are going to meet orcs!

The Bungler and the Witch

9 July 21

If you're willing to travel to another time and place to a distant place where magic is possible, then you can play this game! Since this game is supposed to bean sexually charged one, don't be shocked by how attractive the local witch looks! You are trying to find her so that she can help you solve an issue you've been having lately with women. Moving a bit If you can construct your dialogue correctly, the witch will not just create a magical potion for you, but will also reward you with a specific bonus... Thechoices of actions and words you will typically choose out of three or two options however they could alter the way the story progresses entirely, so be aware of the choices.

Lola's Adventure Chap 5

7 August 21

Rose believed that the only method to save Lola was to discover the epic flower of life. This flower was stated to be able to treat any type of curse or toxin, regardless of exactly how serious. Rose wanted to do whatever it took to discover this flower, even if it indicated traveling to the ends of the earth. She packed her bags, recruited a few take on spirits, and set off on her mission. In the process, Rose came across lots of odd and terrific creatures, all of whom she questioned in hopes of discovering the flower. After lots of weeks of browsing, Rose lastly located the flower of life deep in the heart of a wonderful forest. She chose the flower and brought it back to Lola, who was right away treated of her curse. Everybody celebrated at the miracle, and Rose was celebrated for her guts and decision. From then on, Rose ended up being a sign of intend to all those who dealt with relatively impossible difficulties.

Wizfucking World: Bitchcraft Revenge

10 August 21

The story's beginning is quite dark as the hero is forced to leave his home because his father is dead... but following that, things become more gloomy and bizarre! However, don't fret because on this adventure you'll meet an entire group of people, including your roommate Cammy and your half-sister Emma and together you'll be stepping into the dark side of...magic! In the world of magic, there is magic but there are many people who try to exploit it to harm others. Are you one of themor do you become the one who can bring the magic back to the streets of drak? However, before you can answer this questionyou will need to complete your studies at the Porkwarts School of Magic with many thrilling disciplines first!

Sexy Witch 3 Hot Meal

29 August 21

The latest adventurein the world of sexy witches will take you to the tiny local tavern, in which you'll meet a an entirely new character in the story. Yes, she's also a witch, but it appears like she wasn't powerful enough in the past, so she is having some issues in using her magical abilities due to a few reasons. If you're interested, you can convince her of giving you more information and if you are fortunate enough, you will receive more than the hot breakfast and pleasant chats, you'll also have an opportunity to play the game of ridlles with your new friend where the stake is a lot more exciting than the coins... Be attentive to the narrative and dialogue and make the right choices and you will be greatly rewarding!

Wishes 1.0

11 December 21

Do you belive in old lamp that consists of a mystycal cretaure that approves desires? The primary hero of this story did not belive in such things likewise... up until he has discovered one as well as it really worked! Now from a battered nerd he can become the king of institution by managing with all the bitchy bullies who sought him all these years. As well as he will do it in an extremely special as well as often rather perverted way!

Wicked Wizard's Slave

2 July 22

This is an adventure that's interactive of a slave girl who is a wizard's servant whom typically is sent to the most risky missions, the ones in which our main heroine will be sucked into both metaphorical and literal ways! However, what doesn't cause her death will make her a storger, so she must you must complete your quests, gain experiences, improve skills and discover ways to stand up for her freedom!

Wishes v1.0

13 August 22

In this visual novel adventure you'll play as an unexperienced student who encounters an array of attractive females, but there is one issue that they are all very rude to you! Do you know how to make them reconsider their opinions or perhaps attract any of them? In this game, you'll discover one method that is the old magic that was kept in the lamp! Are you ready to make a wish?

Princess Conquest Babs 3D

23 August 22

You handle the function of a knight in a 3D RPG. Your goal is to flirt and have sex with women. However a busty princess is your primary goal. You can only be saved by her. The game has a number of goals, settings, missions, battles, and other things. You need to battle in charge when you have completed all of the objectives and tasks. If you make it with, you 'll have the chance to fuck the princess in her regal round ass. then pour great deals of sticky cum in her face.

Maeve's Academy

21 November 22

The academy at the school is filled with interesting activities and the main character decides to join the academy in order to lure all the girls at the academy. In order to do that you have to help him with some issues. He'll need demonstrate how he manages individuals. The academy is divided into two classes: 1st and 2nd class. If you do not want to be admitted to the academy, then you must sleep in class 1 with the girls. In order to be accepted into the 1st grade, you'll need to stay with the entire class. This is a fun game to play. Everything is dependent on you.

Lust Bringer

10 December 22

This village may appear to be the most typical kind of village in the world of fantasy, but it certainly has the potential to be a hit - the ladies here are big-tipped and the guys have huge cocks, which means there is only one task to complete to seduce the people around you the world! The combination of rpg and visual novel, with a touch of humor and stunning art work makes this game worth a try!

The Witcher Hunt

12 December 22

You were living a great as well as basic life up until the tricks of your household have nearly ruined your household as well as your home. Now being on your own you have just one path - to utilize the heritage of wonderful as well as battle skills to make this grimm world a minimum of a bit cleaner as well as much safer location than before... as well as to fuck allkinds of attractive busty fanatsy sluts at the same time ofcourse!

Beauty and the Geek – Meet and…

22 March 18

The main character of this game that is interactive is fashion plate Sherman and he's an undergraduate student. Sherman is a fan of sitting in the library and browse through books. In addition, he is constantly beaten by the local bully. the UN agency has a gorgeous and full-breasted lady. Sherman would like to get rid of the gorgeous woman, but the girl is too much for him to fuck. When another insult occurs, Sherman is walking home through the hall of the college even as an old man appears. He offers Sherman an article and states that it's fascinating. Sherman starts to look through the book and discovers that it is usually true. He has an incredibly powerful weapon, and with the help of Sherman is able to punish the inconsiderate person, and discover how to deal with the full-breasted blonde. Let's get involved and discover the secrets in the book in one go. Then we'll have an urge to make fun of girls in class. Let's play.

Fucks Mrs. Claus

1 May 18

What this game is regarding? It is about huge black guy (which is you, the player) versus Santa Claus... in a game of rock-paper-scissors! Yet what is more fascinating is the primary prize - tonight it is hot looking tanned blonde chick with huge ass whom you likewise may referred to as Mrs Claus! As well as each win actually makes you one step better to getting her on top of your huge difficult dick! Best of luck as well as have a good time!

Hentai Blessing RPG 2

18 June 18

"Hentai Bliss RPG 2" is one indeed nice looking thanks to interesting artstyle anime porn themed game made in visual novel genre. Follow the adventures of courageous warrior Ori who travels these lands in hunt for not only glory and fame but some sensual entertainments too. From time to time Ori will have to make a choice and this is where you as the player suppsoed to help him but you should reminisce that in some situations the choices you will make are going to be critical and might influence the whole story that will happen next. Overall story is not so long so you might replay the game and try other options in case you'll want to, And ofcourse if you'll want for more of fantasy themed anime porn games you are welcomed to go to our website!

Total Novice Magical Mayaka

22 July 18

Another one game for everybody who doesn't reluctant to play japanese game without knowing japanese language. And since this is not visual publication but side scrolling act you most likely will be ably to pay it to. Just recall few buttons that will be useful: use arrow keys to stir, use Z button to execute a leap or support the choice, use X to shoot stars from a magic wand. To skip dialogs scenes it is possible to click your left mouse button or simply press S button. When the game commences your principal objective will be to help this daring warrior chick to have the destination point and avoid or overpower all the enemies she will meet within her way. If you won't run away them or strike them up they will rip off all the clothing out of our heroine and next they will fuck her till game over!

Magical Forest

1 October 18

In a magical land that is distant there is a forest. There lives a youthfull witch. This is a gorgeous and tasty brown-haired. On a typical spring day, a local blacksmith rode a horse through the forest. And fell into the trap that the witch set. Because the witch misses good hook-up. The blacksmith is in her power. The witch unwraps and embarks to suck the black jizz-shotgun for the blacksmith. Oh gods, he's enormous. The blacksmith looks at the witch and embarks to caress her assets. And then the witch gets fucked in her pink cunt. Witch leaps on a thick dick like a cheap whore. But this is not enough. Witch wants deep ass fucking intercourse. And a blacksmith fucks a witch in her round asshole. Witch reaches ass fucking orgasm. She is undoubtedly pleased. She lets go of the blacksmith and comebacks to hard work.

Let's Play Potions

2 October 18

In this brand new game by MrPinku, you will take pleasure in the most loved thing to anyone with an open mind - mixing different ingredients together to see what outcomes they will produce! However, there are not just be sexy, but also funny surprise. The gampelay process is very simple, and basically all you have to do is pick one potion, and then select another potion, and finally, pick a another potion, then mix them all together in a cauldron (simply click on it) and then wait a while for the outcomes of the experiment to be revealed! The results could alter the appearance of the character,the pet, and even the backgroundand your goal is to discover the ideal recipe and create harmony in the world... however, most importantly you'll be laughing at your failures.