Fairy Porn Games

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3 Tales

4 May 18

In this game you will hear three of pretty famous and favored fairy tales of all times. You have heard them already... but this time they will get a good deal of anime porn details to them which means that they will work only in the event that you have other plans than sleeping tonight! You will such fave characters like Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Snow Queen and lots of others. But who will fuck together with whom? To know response for this question you will have to play the game. And about the game itself - it is made as an interactive comic book which combines colorful pictures with text dialogs. And when there is a hentai scene ought to happen it will take the form of interactive animation - pick one of the sexy act to enjoy animations and prgress further to unlock more of them!

Cinderella's Ball

10 June 18

Cinderella is going to be one of the greatest of Disney's princesses so it doesn't matter what she will wear - dirty and ripped clothes or fancy dress magically created for the royal ball - this sexy blonde chick is going to get her prince anyway. Which still doesn't release you from that famous and well known fairytale to be retold once again... at least this time there will be less stories and talking and more bang-out scenes! And mor e- thsi time you will decide which dress will work batter and help Cinderella to get herself a wealthy and influent hubby for sure! Just look closely at the rapid tutorial in the very beginning of the game and see how the life of Cinderella will greatly change if she will try to wear some other kind of attention attracting dress...

Spectacular Magic 3

15 March 19

Story about dude with some magical skills resumes. This time he's going to save a sexy fairy from the evil monster. You're going to have to address few puzzles to achieve his building. Needless to say, fairy will probably be truly grateful and provide you a lot of fun. Here you can play first-ever role: Sexy Magic Here you can play second component: Sexy Magic 2

Crazy Fairy

2 April 21

The fairies are still coming! The fairies are coming form all directions and now it is up to you to hold the line against the hordes of these crazy bitches in fever! But how are you even supposed to combat fairies in the very first place? Quite plain actually - just shoot back at them with the proper kind of items which will be either ice testicle tonic cones or big fuck sticks and by that stop them before they will get over the line. From now on it is only your reaction and accuracy stand between you and the highest score in this a little bit crazy but because of that quite fun erotic arcade! And even if this won't be something that will keep your attention for long we stil have many other manga porn themed arcades, shooters and tower defence games on our website which you are always welcomed to visit.

Teen Witches Academy v.16

20 December 20

Finally you may play as one truly badass magician who has more of magical powers than moral boundaries so it's possible to enojy it even double from now on! Only think out some great name for your character and welcome to this amazing world where you are able to create attacking and defending spells by just click of a button! Ofcourse you are going to meet other characters and since you wll see even though this meeting migth begin as a fight it might end up quite pleasing... at least for you (unless individuals whorish fairies enjoy getting fucked in all their fuckholes by mystical tentacles as well)! Just notice that even tho' there is going to be some severe act happening the genre of the game is still more close to visual novel with few interactive additions.

Epic Sexy Magic

25 June 18

An interactive flash game will tell you the story of a youthful wizard. He belongs to the campsite to speak with the queen. The guard that is stupid does not let him through the gate. The wizard must find a way to get caught. He sees that in the bushes that are nearby the old master is fucking the maid. Finding the correct second, the wanderer steals the clothing of the nobleman and employs magic. He can go through the city gates. Use the arrow buttons to interact with the game. Perform activities, use magic to dork around a bit, and also fuck with the dolls from the brothel. You will love it. Embark on an escapade at the moment.

Fae`s Last Flight

19 November 23

Our primary heorine is wonderful looking redhead fairy who is flying throughout absolutely naked so not surprising that that she draws in all type of interest - from horny (by all ways) devils and attractive succubus to other winged creatures! So whenever she flies she is showing the master skills of averting or she will get actually fucked! However today her skills depend upon your skills so... best of luck to her?