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USSR Sex Traveler

9 May 21

The entourage of the game is designed to represent the days of cold war... however because you may see there'll be nothing chilly and really fairly contrary - based upon your advancement from the assignment the scenario might become really hot! Now about the assignment - your job is going to be to see few keypoints based on Soviet Union land and fulfill a few female representatives there. For each female you may meet you'll need to proove your individuality and you may accomplish that by completing their paychecks evaluations that are likely to be associated with USSR or even russian background in another manner. Then you'll receive entry to minigame (which also will differ) and in the event you will chance to be successful in them also you'll find the private decoration in your female...

Meet and Fuck Secret Agent

12 April 18

If you think being a sceret agent means to travel round the world, meet and entice sexy women and thru that to conserve the planet this game is just what you want because everything is going to happen just the way we've described! Your job is to prevent a evil genius from creating another 1 evil machine which can ruin the world as we understand it and therefore you'll have to gather the significant components of the system from five agents situated in various nations. But what isn't so bad and you'll be quite glad to know that these brokers are beautiful ladies which means you could find the necessary things and some extras out of these if you'll discover best way to entice each and each of these...

SPY: Agent 69

4 May 18

The job of spying requires a wide range of skills, especially when the mission is to save the planet from an evil man with a powerful weapon. This bad guy is trying to conceal his plans so you'll have to find him by someone else. His so-called right hand ismuch more visible... and she is a hot looking woman! The mission briefing is short. You must seduce the sexy little girl and complete the mission. But how you do it is something you will need to figure out. Grab your gadgets, pick up your skills, and get into the action as soon as you hit the start button.

Aria: The Rookie

21 October 20

The interactive novel can be viewed online. It starts by you entering a top-notch academy to attain data. You might not understand some of the details so you will need to follow along. This can be a visible novel so you'll be most concerned with the dialogues and taking certain actions during the narrative. We won't tell which decisions will be correct or wrong. However, it is important to think about what you are doing before you do anything. This could have an impact on your assignment as well as your relationships with beautiful women.