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Pussymon: Episode 44

21 March 19

The experiences goes and it seems that the time has begun to determine a tiny bit longer about the mythical pussymon that you might know (in case you've played with the few former gigs ofcourse) since Lizardish/Selene. Obviosuly we aren't likely to disclose some specifics of the primary pursuit here since it is going to ruin all the openings however we can discuss what fresh inclusion you'll get with this fresh - already 44th (! )) - sequence of Pussymon saga. Aside from the typical package of fresh pussymons to capturenew places to explore and fresh hot animations to love you'll be receiving fresh sidequests concentrated on a few of your partners in this and forthcoming gigs so if you're into lore of the series then you'll be receiving even more intriguing details soon .

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