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Inhaled by a Tranny

12 June 18

This story is short and sweet. A horny student receives a blowjob from a cute chick. Everything seems perfect until he discovers that the chick isn't exactly what he expected. This is right, another horny victim fell for the trap! It was not so bad, though. You can see the animation to find out how our hero reacted. But, there's a more important question: What would you do if were ever in such a scenario? Even though it is unlikely that something like this could happen, you can still imagine yourself as the horny student to give you something to think about.

Castellum Res Venereae 2

17 June 18

This is a 2nd area of the game called"Castellum Res Venereae" however you could also find this quantity"two" plus a dual because in this game there'll be two times greater of hentai cartoons than it had been at former game! But as for the gameplay it is still the same - you will take manage over some slightly dressed woman who needs to find an exit from an old and unusual castle. Ofcourse on her exit there'll be a great deal of risks and traps. Butif she'll get captured itmight be joy because each of her failures will end up in animated hentai scenes. Yes, even in the event you wont win the round that you will nevertheless be rewraded... in some manner. Tentacles, mechanical faux-cocks, pins and slime - and all of this she will have to deal with in a very first-ever room!

Castellum Res Venereae 1

12 July 18

Very lovely looking woman with pink hairs has somehow ended up in an castle's grimm dungeons. Ofcourse she's willing to escape of the crappy place and that where she can use some (well, really - a lot) assist in the participant. The concept of the game is to clean level. It will be a room with two doors - enter and exit. You (as previously mentioned cutie ofcourse) will arrive at 1 door and your job is going to be to get into the door. Rather an effortless job... if there weren't any numerous traps on your own way! Tentacles, spikes and lazers - and this firts three chambers! Getting into one of these traps will mean our leading lady will be fucked up... literally - you may see that the animated scene in which she's being fucked from the mechanics based on what snare she's fall within this moment!

Castellum Res Venereae 3

8 April 21

Part 3 of this flick game concerning the experiences of a young woman who found himself in a tough circumstance. A lovely and young woman has dropped to a castle situated on a pond. She doesn't remember what occurred, however, the purpose is obvious - she still wants to escape. The woman hears unusual shouts and understands there are offenders in the castle. With the help, the woman will need to save herself as well as the offenders. Avoid traps - that they could kill. Kill the creatures as well. When they grab you, they will rape you then kill you and also make a soup of bones and giblets. Use the arrow buttons to move and jump. Each display is symbolized as an area with cubes. You have to go from point to point. Conserve hostages along the road. Go to a quest for liberty and save right now. Allow the adventure begin.