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Korra bondage rape – Porn Bastards

3 May 21

Avatar Korra is also in issue. She had been captured by the Fire warrior and attracted into a base that was closed. This base's mind determines to interrogate Avatar Korra. He comes in the cell. He then grabs his clothes with his arms and rips her off the female. Avatar Korra entirely nude. She has big orbs and a figure. The manager embarks to eat the dame's poon. And Fucks Avatar Korra within her cherry together along with his dick. He fucks her in the booty. The avatar of korra screams in agony, but she is fastened and cannot stand against. To interact with the game use components along with the mouse. Fuck Avatar Korra again and again till you find out of her secrets. Are you prepared to get this done? It's time to have a interrogation.

Cummy Bender Stage 3

6 July 21

"Cummy Bender" is much more than just a mockumentary of the hentai. It's also a graphic novel with management elements and certain pickup and dating elements. The third chapter in the tale. The story of Korra who is into debt and has to be employed by the adult content company in order to pay off the debt continues. As long as you're still managing her attempt to create Korra more sexually attractive as you try to keep her in the industry. But, the discovery by Korra of her ability to bend elements could alter the game very quickly. You must take every step you can to remain on your positive image.

Cummy Bender

12 March 21

"Cummy Bender" is a game that utilizes a visual novel as its basis however it also has additional gameplay elements, such as elements of management as well as dating simulator. The most appealing thing is the fact that the story is based on the character Korra who is from the animated show "Avatar The Legend of Korra". The main character has had plenty of great adventures, and is now being a model for an extremely unsavory character... who happens to to be your uncle! It is your responsibility to ensure that the main character of the show who's not satisfied with her new position is happy. performance on camera! It's not an easy feat as you'll soon discover.