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Secretary slap

7 May 18

A fun interactive video game. You want to spank the lazy secretary. You see her in tight pants and stockings when she comes to work. The lacy thong is visible as she bends down. This game offers you the chance to do so. The rules are simple: you must use the keyboard to type words. Watch what happens on the screen. You'll see, for example, a man slapping a secretary onthe round of her stomach. Massage her back. Enjoy this interactive game, and you can spank the slut secretary often. You will also find a bonus in this game. Let's not waste time, and get started now.

Whoose badonka donk

10 May 18

In the event if you're not knowledgeable about the phrases used at the name of the game we've got a simplier variant for you so that you may predict this game because"Whose booty is that?". This name reflects the idea of this gameplay strategy - every round you will see a photo of someone amazing and your job is to guess to whome by selecting among three choices, it goes to. Ofcourse these wonderful booties will be celeb booties - from Beyonce out of Jennifer Lopez into Jessica Biel and to Cameron Diaz! But do not spend too long loving the opinion because every round is going to have a time limitation. After you will accomplish all phot-quiz testings you will get a final score and ranks. If you will attempt to replay the game the photos will remain the same so that the true results is the one you get during your first walkthrough.