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Peach fuck hentai point of view

1 May 18

Another minigame that proves Princess Peach is a complete slut. You are welcome to verify this fact yourself! The most of the action takes place from the first-person perspective, so you can imagine that you'll be the one fucking the sluty royal blondie this evening. You can use the intuitive control menu to make Princess Peach forget about Mario. Fuck her like she's worthy! Like Mario jumping on top his opponents, Princess Peach will also leap on top your head until she demands you give her all you have and flattens your balls (again, this is a reference to Mario stomping on goombas).

The Housekeeper

5 May 18

This game will have players playing "The Housekeeper", which is Mr White who happens to be the housekeeper for a large house. It is difficult to take care of everything all by yourself so it is worth hiring help from time-to-time. You could hire a maid to assist you... however, you wouldn't believe how beautiful she would be! It won't surprise you that from now on your thoughts won't be about keeping things clean, but rather on the contrary - you want to be as dirty as you can with this lady! You can already say you have a good chance of winning this game, as you're playing it on a hentai-themed website. If you play your cards correctly (metaphorically speaking), ofcourse!