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27 July 22

One night, a large minotaur found himself in a forest house and everything seemed fine until the beautiful elven girl appeared at his door! She claimed that she was being pursued by soldiers for unknown reasons and that if the minotaur helps her, she'll be awarded. It can be lonely out in the wilds and this girl is quite hot.

Succubus Survivors V001G

25 July 23

You take under control one warm looking succubus. Actually she is so warm that each and every monster or minotaur around desires to fuck her... and there are several monsters and minotaurs around! The complicated component of this activity video game is that you contorl just the movements of the main heroine while all the whipping attacks she executes automatically. Collecting coins, benefits and experience factors will certainly open upgardes that need to help you to last as long as just feasible.