Mercenaries Porn Games

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Sanguine Rose - Alpha 1.0.0

1 October 18

"Sanguine Rose" is a fairly old school representative of visual books with the atributes that games of the genre must contain - inetersting personalities, non-linear story (deifned from the player's options in several scenarios) and also ofcourse amazing artwroks which will keep you excited when there isn't anything hentai themed is occurring on the monitor! Add a dream setting that has creatures and diverse races and you will get one awesome story which you can not only to follow but also to take the defintive role in! Obviosuly to unlock the articles and research all the choices you'll need to walkthrough the game over once ortwice so waste no more time and embark playing it right here and now!

Meet Katt

21 April 21

"Meet Katt", a minigame, is based on "Fallout", but you won't explore any wastelands here. Instead, you'll be meeting a hot-looking woman named Katt. This attractive, curvy woman will speak to you, and it will be your job to try to get her to kiss you. It will not be easy and you may not be successful in the first attempt. Keep trying different options until you find the right one. The game's variety is not only impressive, but the style of art is recognizable. We can therefore say that it's probably the most interactive hentai parody within the "Fallout” universe.