Melee Porn Games

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26 March 18

This 3D game will take you back to a simpler period of history. Fighting in an amphitheater was once revered for its bravery and courage. The Amazone can be the main character of the game. Claudia is her name. Claudia is a fighter in the arena to earn freedom. Fights in an arena often end with an unexpected conclusion. As an example, the arena would host lewd and dirty sex. Spartika loves the end of the battle. You will need to be able to quickly react to battle scenesand also have the ability to adjust to new situations. So conquer the amphitheater and kill your enemies. Then, have sex in an amphitheater arena.

Princess of Sparta

25 May 18

"Queen of Sparta" is just one of the games which unites something such remote objects as well animated and made cg versions of powerful and slightly squeezed heroines with sword battling mechnics. In this game you will have to proove yourself being worthy by fighting numerous opponents by attacking and defending at the moments of time or you will witness the game over screen much sooner than you might hope form an erotic game for sure. Along with also the simple fact that both the personality and the attackers seems so alluring (once more - if you love barbarous looking women) isn't likely to make your job any lighter - that they stay dangerous and mortal non the less. So good luck to you in this fresh trip which is promising to be as exciting as it will be bloodstained!