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Naughty Afternoon 3: First Time

14 June 18

It is 3rd afternoon with Wendy and it is going to be even hotter than previous ones. Want to learn how hotter? Then play the game at the moment. Today's story wil tell us about Wendy and Cloe decide to have some fun at the swimming pool. Ofcourse their water games will turn into g/g games at some point. And it will be enough to draw the interest of Frank. They invite him to join and so this improvised afternoon part turns into threesome. Also this is going to be very particular party for Wendy because she is going to acquire first-ever anal invasion fuck-fest experience. So try to be gentle when you get to this scene in the game. Just don't forget to check"how to play" tutorial if you are planning to see more than justopening scene an dreall y access to the sexy ones.

Horny Afternoon 3 - An afternoon at the swimming pool

10 June 18

The collection of horny afternoons will continue therefore get ready once again to meet beautiful woman in the prosperous family Wendy and her girlfriend Cloe during the most arousing moments of their day. Ofcourse as usual Nanny - the loyal hosuekeeper and the lady whose responcibility is to watch aroundWendy - may try to supress Wendy's kinky desires from getting out yet the way we currentlyknow (if you have played previous games from this miniseries) it is all but impossible to do. And today is not going to function as an exception so just unwind and figure out where and with whom Wendy will get horny today - may be it will likely be Nanny eventually? Enjoy the story, quest like gameplay and a great deal of erotic scenes with gorgeous ladies in the third chapter of"Horny Afternoon"!

Super-naughty Afternoon 4: Private Consultation

12 April 18

Horny afternoon comes for a forth time now and this time you will be getting a private consultation from Wendy! Wendy and Chloe are prepared to continue their sexual adventures that they have begin three scenes before. When you have not played them then look for them on our website because story and characters have not the last meaning in this whole game series. As before game is composed of two parts. In very first you willplay it as visual novels by watching scenes and reading dialogs. The second part of gameplay will remind you of point and click quests because here you will need to find active spots on the screen and activate them one or another way (more about regeneration ways you're able to find out form"how to play tutorial" which is very recommended if you don't wish to get stucked in the very first scene).