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Holio U - Dark Witch

12 April 18

Holo University is back! You can now fuck a new sexy girl in every new game. This time, we're going to please all fans of the gothic style! The brunette beauty of room 69 loves black clothing, metal music, and magic. So the question is - Is she a witch? You will need to charm her before you can know!

Holio - U - 3

29 April 21

Today in space sixty nine of Holio University dormitory we've got sexy looking latina dame so if you consistentlyenjoyed not only the dimensions of latina curves but also the dimensions of latina character then you simply have to knock in this door today! But once this door is going to be opened you will be on your own try to guess what she likes and chooses in order to not just keep her interested in you personally but also to make this interest to get larger more and more because the higher it's degree will be the more fun things you will be allowed to perform with your new gf in the third portion of the game that's usually about lovemaking scenes. Obviosuly there will be the 2nd element which is something between quest and relationship but in case you will sustain thru the first person then probably you will treat with this too.