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Pussymon 13

22 March 18

New chapter of"Pussymon" game saga awaits! This Chapter 13 is called"Greenrock island" and a bit more focused in the Brutemon Invasion. After arriving in Greenrock Island you and your buddies inject the dark forest seraching for a possible connection between the island and Void portal. While undergoing the search, your party stumbles upon on a nearby village... The gameplay hasn't changed much. You can travel trhough village areas, visit houses (such as store fo rgetting things and inn to restore power and save game). To unlock new regions and new adventures you will have to complete villagers' quests. And of course in some areas you may go hunting on new wild and very sexy looking pussymons! As always, enjoy lots of new features in this version.

Sex Kitten: Mexico

1 May 18

Slutty McSlut is about to play one more time with any unlucky dude who is desperate enough to become her bf in this game. If you don't recall the last time her bf - the player - has ended up in a maximum security prison. Even though you somehow managed to break away this net meeting with Slutty McSlut could make you to want to stay in there. Because this time she will send you around the border town and what sort of characters you will meet there does not know even her. So whie you will be exploring this town try to get as many manga porn pics as possible - they will become your reward for all the terrible things that Slutty forces you to do in each game. Just remeber that you your currency count has to go up and your health count finer not to fall too shortly.

The Penthouse

23 May 18

"The Penthouse" is the name of an extremely interesting nightclub which you will definitely experience during this exciting and exciting experience. But before you do it, be aware of the fact that this is an exciting game that involves many horny furries. Do you feel comfortable with that? You're now ready to go to the many luxurious locations that will bring you into contact with a lot of sexually attractive characters, and of course the main aim is to be as sexually enticing to them as is possible! Sway or be enticed The choice is entirely up to you, but remember that this is a venue that is open to all types of people so don't be too shocked by the chance to be involved in things you weren't expecting to be involved with... however you will be astonished - isn't this the essence of adventure?

Oddlots Irregulars

4 June 18

This next game will be interesting for all devotees of hot unshaved chicks within offical suits. One of them - new memebr of Oddlots Irregulars Crew - you will meet right at first. She has a task to showoff their new website so she would like to do it in a form of questions-answers game. What's in it for you? Well, for each three correct answers she will take off part of her suit! But if you're going to give 2 of trio answers wrongfully she will put back on what she has taken off before! So you finer do you research very first... or you could try to guess if you consider yourself lucky. Or you could use a tip - just budge cursor on smallish button named"answers" in the bottom of the screen and you will see all the answers you require! Just choose teh way you want to perform and undress this bombshell!

Unshaved Fuck Game

4 July 18

Some adult story about Pokemons. Some crazy things are going on in the magical forest. Play this game and find out what will happen in this cool furry sex game. Clickon the Arrow button in the bottom right corner to progress the story.

Knarf's Quest

9 July 18

Knarf is the name of the protagonist who manages a blog designed for an the adult population only. Also, going on vacation, he sees as the chance to make his followers happy with new content... however what and where he's going to do it will be entirely up to the reader from to now! During this quest you will be required to visit locations within the hotel as well as out on the tropical island to locate a number of attractive ladies who accept to pose for you based on the primary principle of your website, of course. But before they perform the pose, you'll require something to return the favor. This is where the questpart is really in play - you have to search for various useful items to conduct personal quests with each woman you wish to model for!

World Map

13 September 18

If you already heard about big manga porn rpg venture job titled as"The Legend of Lust" but still has not tired it yet then you should check this game as some kind of presentation version for it. Only this time it won't be some scenes extracted from the game - this time you are welcomed to take a nicer look at the world where the events of the principal game will be happening. To be more precisely there are going to be nine worlds that has their exclusive locations, lore and characters living in it. Few manga porn scenes will help you to decide which ones of them you like most so you could conquer them in a first-ever place when you will decide to play original game. By the way you can explore the worlds map intotwo modes - political or overburdened.

Pussymon: Episode 42

15 January 19

Those wild pussymons simply sit there in the bushes and wait for you to come and check how sexy they are so waste no more time because 42nd sequence of saga is here and it is titled as"The Fruit Valley". After recent events you have found out that Samara were assisting you justto get the Hydragodon for herself. And when she fianlly did it all has put the Pussymon Hunter Society (and may be even the whole world!) Beneath a superb danger. So guess what's your next mission is going to be? That's right - go out there and find a way to stop the horrible attack from happening while you still have some time! New lines of dialogs, new quests, new adventures an dofcourse new sexy pussymons and animations with them. And don't miss the next sequence which is highly likely is going to be Xmas Special!

Pussymon 3

21 May 18

Third gig of quite epic (and as you also probably already know quite continious) venture about Pussymons is here and today it will be about"Looking for Sarah". After recent events you have subscribed for the tournament yet Lara still thinks that you are not prepared for it so she sends you to ask for advice from her aunt-in-law Sarah who also can tell you about some special places where you can catch some special pussymons. Ofcourse there will be some additional quests along the way but you will be barely surprised by this reality as awell as the fact that there will be new pussymons to catch, new animations to enjoy, new locations to go to and so on - in other words each new epsiode will bring new content for you to explore! Check for the follwoing chapters on our website.