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Candy Supermarket - Smores

20 May 18

The Chocolate Shop team is back for a lot of candy and goopy action relating to this fresh sport around"Smores"! The narrative will start with our group of heroes with a nighttime picnic in the forest. And what's the major point of remaining within the forest to get a night? Obviously to create a fire and get just as much marshmallow fluff as possible! But because our men have strange pursuits in sstrange science that they will not just quit on eating marshmallows - that they need to earn a brilliant marshmallow women which may be utilised in additional manners that are sweet. And by that we mean fucking her in various positions. And not just her there is not any better time and location to get actual evaluations compared to a field journey into the woods! Dare to survive the adventure filled with comedy, spicey conditions and a great deal of goopy hook-up scenes!

Candy Supermarket - Candy Corn

29 May 18

Now at Bo-Peep Chocolate there's a really significant meeting. It's not a sceret which Halloween season is among the very candy selling seasons of the season and during todays meeting there has to be decided on a determination on what fresh merchandise to deliver about the shelfs within this season. Following a few questionable propositions that the idea of candy corn stems up... but since you probably already understand you will find quite specific folks work in the Bo-Peep testing industry. And they can turn the candy corn to screwable hotty! More - you is going to be the one to check her most important qualities! Quite simply - another one working day in the Chocolate Shop office. New storyline, fresh jokes, fresh candy nymph to fuck and it's all as joy as it had been in episodes of the erotic game collection.

Candy Shop - Super-fucking-hot Ball

2 June 18

Hot Balls is a fascinating theme that is suitable for the hentai as well as candy co particullary. So... let's meet the new tale of the Candy Shop, in which another dessert will be transformed into a hottie that is fuckable. The rest of the episode is fairly standard, except for the funny characters, sex scenes and a few funny situations. While we won't reveal anything new on this show, there's something that may spark your interest: there will finally be a threesomescene in the game! You will only be able to determine if this threesome scene will go as you imagine it, or in its own wild way.

Candy Shop - Honey Pop

7 June 18

Th eteam of a littl ebit mad scientist out of"Chocolate Shop" was going to the moment their whole hentai game profession - now they're likely to experiment with producing screwable gal from Honey Pop! And if you can't wait to see what they will get in result and ofcourse to attempt their fresh creation in a series of sexy tests you should hit the commence button right now! Scheme of this epsiode is silent standard. After intro unveiling you some part of the story filled with humor you will get to the interactive part where you can attempt different positions with freshly generated gal. Don't hurry and assess each one possibilities or you'll need to restart the game to get toafte rthe story will finish.

Candy Shop - Peppermint

17 June 18

Peppermint is among the most well-liked, refreshing as well as exciting tastes for many desserts therefore no wonder it had been only a matter of time when mad scientists shape Bo peep Candy lab will place ther palms, brains and other assets components onto peppermint candies. And such as this isn't enough all of the events of the scene will occur prior to the winter holiday - the real warfare season inbetween all who's selling sweets as you may have already figured. This really puts dual the responsibility to the reasearch group and it seems that testing of the final goods will be intense and more significant than normal... Love this and search for a number of different sequences of interactive hentai string"Chocolate Shop" on our site!

Candy Supermarket - Coffee Bean

21 June 18

Coffee beans may be really bitter things independently... but just till they enter forearm sof our science group in Candy Co where the most sour ingredients will soon be revved to the very bangable desserts! And you hav eread it right - they will be revved not only into desserts but also into bangable chick! And just like every serious business we've got a testing chemical. Just take just a smallbit of sugar, add a few crazyness and tons of sexiness and you'll get fresh sequence of funny and sensual series"Chocolate Shop"! And should have revved into sexy thing even java bean you can just guess exactly what our science group will fuck in another sequence (that you probably alreday will get on our own site).

Candy Supermarket - Cookie Dough

22 June 18

Another person working day in Bo-Peep Cable mill. However, this afternoon will start with a terrible news your beloved heroes see in today's newspaper. Seems like girls needsome help against depression and this one thing might be a cookie ! So as always Andy is prepared to test... wait a min! Seems like now he'll find an odd partrner at analyzing area - the beloved big-titted doc is also a female who will better help girls than the other girl? So while you'll be after the story you might already get ready to see a set of evaluation with sexy threesome hentai scenes! Big tits, oral bang-out, fucking and eating cookie dough dame is the program for now! There's entire collection about those heroes analyzing different candies - only search for these on our site!

Candy Shop - Mochi

22 April 21

In this globe any treat can get back at sweeter many thanks to a group of weird researchers that transforms your favorite sweets right into... fuckable hotties! In this episode they will certainly be placing thier dirty hands and also dirtier minds on "mochi" (some popular japanese deals with) and also if (well, even more like when) something will certainly fail you still can be certain - it will certainly be sexy and amusing anyways!

Candy Store - Gummy 2

5 May 21

Seems like our science men from Chocolate Co hasn't done with all the gummies nonetheless so here is the fresh vignette of"Chocolate Shop" where once more they will attempt to turn anything fresh and gooey into some thing poundable! Since that's what they usually do - turning distinct snacks and desserts into poundable women then test them at a special laboratory (that's if if you haven't played any scenes of the funny sensual series earlier). Just this time things will escape manage (rather than like it generally happens in most of the vignette but rather really from manage) and it will be around Andy to conserve the evening, the town along with its corporal and mental wellbeing if at all possible. And ofcourse do not leave behind to look at the other scenes on our site!

Candy Shop - Lemon Droplet

7 April 21

How about to bring some extr taste now? This idea is something which has crossed the head of our scientists and now we go - fresh epsidoe fo"Chocolate Shop" is prepared for fresh exciting eperiments! And you are going ot check how bangable a lemon drop can be. Game is made out of gameplay strategy which we all know and appreciate. After introduction part of the story which is as always filled with both crazyness and humor you will be permitted to test fresh sexy creation . Don't rush thru this stage of the game and attempt to experince the attributes that are accessible because after you'll go firther there will not be turning ! But for the choice of merely replaying teh game from teh first start ofcourse...

Candy Store - Wedding Cake

11 April 21

The wedding is an exciting and important event. Even the cake needs to be perfect. And who could make sweets more fun than the scientists at Candy Co's research laboratory? They understand the meaning of the term "exciting" too literally and make the wedding cake a hottie. Is it really a problem? Before you answer that question, visit the laboratory to go through a series of interesting tests. Add to that the classic humorand a bit of madness in everything, and you'll get another great episode of the very popular "Candy Shop". You can find more episodes on our site!

Candy Supermarket - Chocolate

27 May 18

Another day at the candy factory. You're likely to make a best-seller chocolate. Our evaluation man Will Need to examine it, however he has to sign newspapersin case of death or enormous manhood implosion...:)

Candy Shop - Jawbreaker

7 June 18

You'll need to test candy now. It is going to be a candy, jawbreaker. In three different gender positions you must examine it as usual and when everything is OK go into evaluation.

Candy Store - Gummy

16 June 18

Gummy candy comes with an intriguing structure so no question that one day that dessert additionally has become centre of focus from the group of research workers in Chocolate Co.. Following a collection of funny and slightly mad (well( as normal) occasions our group has created fresh doable gal from gummy dessert - that the curvy sweetheart that you probably would love to play not just on the display... But quit dreaming - there are a great deal of testings beforehand and you should start creating them so you'd learn more about this fresh gal's sexual abilities and skills. The gameplay is pretty much standard to the show so scarcely there's a need to inform you about it. In terms of the narrative then if you're after the"Chocolate Shop" series then you definitely shouldn't overlook this sequence.

Christmas with the Stewarts: Remastered

11 May 23

The Stewarts family suches as to stun each various other on Xmas time yet this year they both are mosting likely to marvel quite a lot - because of some dreadful mistake they obtained the big box from "Sweet Store"! And not simply any sweet store but "Sweet Store" - extremely advanced laboratory which transforms popular treats right into... fuckable hotties! Currently the Stewarts has to answer the question - what they are going to do with a complete elevation delicious chocolate fuckdoll?