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Space Brothel [v 1.4f]

7 May 21

In which you will have to create a space Cosmic Brothel, an economic simulator. So you start the game with a petite amount of cash on the local planet Rivia. To get started, buy a building in which there will be a bordeaux, and not furniture. Then go to the pub to employ whores. After that, customers will come to your brothel to shell out currency. Use the interactive menu to prepare whores. When you have a lot of currency you can open a brothel on another planet. Keep hiring whores and then the currency will flow like a river into your pockets. Use cosmic transport to produce a network of brothels in the galaxy. Do you like this notion? Let's bring it to life and find out what comes of it. So it's time to make currency at this time. t. So it's time to make currency right now.t. So it's time to make currency right now.t. So it's time to make currency right now.t. So it's time to make currency at this time.

Shinobi Gal

7 May 21

Busty dame got into a secret laboratory that is inhabited by many strange and scary monsters. Her task is to get out of the lab that is living. To do this, she must run along the corridor and dodge monsters. Use the arrow buttons to run, crouch and leap. If the monster catches you then the dame will lose a chunk of clothing. When no clothing are left on her, any contact with the monster will lead to rough and harsh rape. But if you wish to observe how the monster fucks a buxom anime porn lady in her pink vulva, you can do it. At the end of each level, there will be a chief who needs to be killed. So if you're ready, then start playing at the moment.