R2 D2 Sex Comics

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Naughty R2 POV [Fred Perry]

3 September 20

Star Wars comic in black and white. Slave traders captured Princess Layla. The slave traders wanted to fuck Princess Layla before they paid a large ransom. They tied her to the bed using ropes and began to fuck her. The slavers get killed by Luke Skywalker, who appears suddenly. He also decides to become insane and kill the slavers.

Naughty R2 and Ray

3 September 20

It's hard to imagine anything more sinister than watching Ray get fucked by an alien. He uses mechanical tentacles and rips off Rei's clothing and exposes her naked flesh. Ray is ready for mating. She spreads her legs and begins blowjob. Ray starts to sucking the cock of an alien beast. He then stretches her vagina and penetrates her by using his tentacles. Ray finally suckers the monster's cock.

Naughty R2 and Ray

21 September 20

To have some fun with one another and have some shape-changing fucktoys, Droids are getting more human-like. You will be able to travel the galaxy far, far away with the help of colorful pages and delicious bodycurves.