Powergirl Sex Comics

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Powergirl XXX Lobo part 1

21 September 20

Lobo has tried to punch Superman many times, and sometimes he even did that (well, at least once). However, this space cowboy will try a different approach to dealing with someone such as Powergirl... however, he will still pay close attention to her fears! Her Tits! Her tits! You should have the main idea for this comics by now.

Ultra-kinky Superheroines

30 April 19

Lobo has fought Superman, but his greatest fight is about to occur in comics. It is going be with someone else. Today, Lobo will face Powergirl as well as Supergirl... at the same time! It's not about the comics, though. The classic superhero fight isn't what it appears. The way we see it is that in our interpretation of the story, the bad-girls always fall for injustice but for big hard dicks.

[CELLULOID-ACME (Chiba Toshirou)] Wild 4 YOU!! (Various) [English]

30 April 19

Black Cat isn't a superhero, but she's a superthief. It isn't a huge shiny object (and likely quite expensive!) today. She is not looking for the perfect thing - she is actually after another type of hunt that involves both the prey and the bait. Spider-Man is the prey, and her prey is her large and round bodycurves in a black latex bodysuit. Black Cat Good hunting! Spidey, good luck!