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Penis-Penis Devil Fruit (One Piece) [StormFedeR]

22 March 22

Nami finally gets the chance to find the devil fruit in the treasure chest. The dillemma is also at her disposal. Should she sell it to make a fortune, or use it to have a lot of fun? Rumours abound that this fruit can give huge cocks even to people who aren't supposed to. Because this comic parody is about hentai, you already know what she will perform.

The Woman Who Resists (One Piece) [English] HMC Translation

27 September 20

Two comics that parody hentai with the same idea. Nami, the sexy redhead, will dominate in hardcore and rough ways. If you prefer that the part of domination be performed by a female character, it will be more fun to grab, strip down, tie up, and all that other stuff. The second story will see some men join the action.