Chained Slave

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Nami no Koukai Nisshi EX NamiRobi 3

30 April 19

Nami and Nico Robin can only be used for two purposes: they either need to be barve adventurers searching for great treasures with their pirate crewmates, or they should be free-to use sluts being fucked every single day by everyone and wearing heavy chains on all of their clothes. This comic is a parody of the Hentai comics. You probably know which role they will play.

Justice League - Who are slaves today

30 April 19

Sapphire is the translator for passion, and who would be more open to love than Hawkgirl, the sexy redhead we all know? The entire Justice League is made up of beautiful, sexy men and women. What do you think Sapphire will be able take over the whole Justice League? The simple answer is yes. This parody comic has more details.

Rita Hentai Game

2 April 21

Rita can be just one ultra-cute looking damsel but she can not be known as an effortless person - this is the way you may remember her if you've played such jrpg videogame because"Tales of Vesperia". And if you're playing with it then probably you're wondering will there be an manga porn parody game at which you can fuck this magician sweetie? Have no heavy thoughts no longer because the answer is right before you - now you may finally get your opportunity to place this haughty bitch in her area because you'll utilize her personal fucktoy! Yeah, it may seem just a little bit tough but once more if you're knowledgeable about the personality then you probably will not be astonished that she chooses to get sexual entertainments in such demanding and at times even aggressive manner.