Bar Maiden

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20 July 18

Welcome into the tavern, exhausted traveller and allow Miaka - that uber-cute appearing bar maiden with cats . But seems like this isn't the only unusual thing within her... and definitely not the most exciting ! Thus say hello and attempt and create an arrangement. The term"Attempt" is utilize dbecause that you will probably not receive your drink regardless of what conversation traces you may select. However, what you may get is that a fuckfest flash in first person perspective! You can simply see Miaka masturbating or allow her to take care of your shaft. You really should listen to customiztion menu in the right bottom corner of this display. Below you'll find over a dozen different options which you may select - insert or remove accessories, chnage Miaka's hairstyly or skin tone color or switch the camera viewpoints!


28 November 20

Rather of losing time in unsuccessfull efforts to sleep you develop much brighter concept - you are mosting likely to one of the most favorite local bar "Alpstadt". And real quickly you understand that it was your best concept ever before... right when you see the waitress - sweet and unbelievably warm blonde lady called Laura! And may be tonight she will bring you something from her 'unique 'food selection?