Pippi Longstocking 4 Lozers

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Pippi Longstocking And 4 Lozers

1 May 18

An big-titted lady called Pippi Longstocking resides in New York. This town is liked by her, but doesn't have a disagreeable enemies. That is a group of eggheads. Pippi Longstocking determines to take vengeance . She goes searching and selects a baseball bat. Seeing one of the geeks named Alan on the bus stop, Pippi Longstocking hits him. And then he takes the figure . There Pippi Longstocking takes his clothes away . Oh Gods. That really is a wish!? It ends up Alan has a fat knob. Mm... Pippi Longstocking got humid and she needs orgy. Pippi Longstocking reaches climax and begins to fuck with Alan. She's definitely pleased. However there are still 3 members of the group of eggheads. Perhaps they have a surprise? Pippi Longstocking goes hunting to line it. Let us begin the game.