Legend Of Krystal

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Kay Fox and Magic Sword

17 April 18

Furry foxgirl Krystal wakes up in the center of jungle woodland. In some way she has actually endured through the beautiful significant crash of her spacecraf and currently she in the lands of her most fiersome enemies - the people of horrific lizardmen. Are they really her enemies? Wasnt there any misconception? And may be she could also obtain some help from them? Well, she will most definitely find some hardcore fucking - that's for certain!

Mr D's Krystal Ball

4 June 18

This game is just one of several from"The Legend of Krystall" hentai parodies which currently has probably the amount much larger than the number of official games that these hentai parody string relies on. Anyways, this time you are going to love some sort of visual novel which will tell you about the adventrues of trhee differnet characters and witness all their special abilities in animated hentai scenes. The way these figures other than Midna, Gardevoir and Krystal! Apart from them you may satisfy some other well-liked videogame characters (such as Princess Zelda for example) so attempt not to bypass everything you can not to miss all of the inetersting items. Remeber the manage scheme on the very first-ever page to navigate thru the story gigs decently.

Legend of Krystal: Another Tail v.01.009

15 June 18

"Legend of Krystal" is exactly what you would think of from a parody of a hentai - it's all about the story that takes place mostly in Krystal, a fox furry girl... or in other words, the new adventure is filled with sexually sexy scenes and Krystal can't wait for the start! Don't waste any more time and press the "Start" button right now! Continue exploring the jungle, establish relationships with the lizardmen tribe, and take advantage of every chance to have some serious fucking! Most actions can be performed by clicking on a mouse button when the icon for the available action is displayed on the screen.

Legend of Krystal Kari

10 April 21

Within this adventure game from Krystal series' Legend the standing of your personality must increase from fucking with what you can to advance the sport. Use Arrow keys to move. For everything else use actions to be activated by syllable.

Vet of Krystal: Ridley Fight

22 June 18

Busty and hot blonde entered the battle with all the ancient dragon. Certainly she must win since this monster devours dudes from the realm, and also rapes girls and sends them to nourish their offspring. The doll is ready to battle the dragon. But she should be quite careful. The monster is much more powerful and can run a cute attack and embark fucking a doll on the battle. So you need to use the mouse to interact with this game. Andchoose a sequence of deeds. Attack, defense, magic or covert escape. Use the X button in the event the dragon assaulted you. Kill the creature and free-for-all those of this kingdom right now.