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Meet and Fuck + Intensive Therapy

3 May 21

This is how a local eccentric ended up at the hospital. It is strange to wake up in the hospital, but not remember any details. Your head hurts quite a bit. You can see two shady doctors when you open your eyes. You look at them, and they look at your thigh-high sexy bods. Talk to them. You will be ready for an examination in a matter of minutes, as it is crucial after an accident. The doctor will examine you and ask for your doc's permission to remove all of your clothes. She is eager to try, judging by her expression. Let's do it. You will be fucking with a busty doctor within a matter of seconds in her tight, pink pussy. When a fat cock rips her flesh in two, she screams with delight. A nurse arrives at the office to examine your sexually uncooperative. She then undresses herself and is ready to go for the orgy.

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