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Fuck stick Fishing Utter Version

30 May 18

Yep, you've read the name of the game correctly. And yep, it's going to be approximately fishing utilizing large fuck stick! This is where you're probably asking yourself what a man can catch with a fuck stick for a lure? The answer is demonstrable non the less - hot feminine sailors ofcourse! Just grab thempull them into your ship and fuck them one of several diverse positions by finishing a minigame! In terms of the challenge part (and there has to be a challenge part in sensual or hentai games) and then you'll find the time limit where you'll need to grab and fuck a specific number of divers. Do this and you'll receive on another stage where fresh challenges and suggestions will be added into the gameplay to make it fun as awell for a pile of fresh hot diver girls to fuck ofcourse!

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