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Duplex Billiard 1x1

10 April 21

2 players, two scrotum and 2 sexy and incredibly horny chics from the background - that is what you're likely to see when the game of"Duplex Billiard" begins! Clearly one of those gamers will be one and you of scrotum would be yours while the 2nd chunk will meet with your opponent. The matter is you will be playing simultaniously and your job is to ship your opponent's ball into one of the pockets until he'll do exactly the same with yours that adds fairly a great deal of energetic from the gameplay. The round extends for two mins and the person who receives the most points in the conclusion of it will win and when it will be then you'll receive on another degree rewarded with fresh flick section with two sensual models that can attract their girls-only funtime over another level as well!

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