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Dt for Phone X

22 March 18

Let's take a break and let the game tell the tale of a beautiful, but silly blonde. The computer game begins in Chicago. The pinnacle workplace for a serious IT company. 40 minutes prior to the replacement product launch. A beautiful, busy, but undoubtedly silly, blonde waits to present a replacement smartphone. This is where the presentation of the tenth-generation smartphone usually starts. It blends all the science and technology that is available in the present. It's an indispensable assistant. Blondie is in desperate need of a new, useful smartphone. Blondie sees a man with a new smartphone. The man is approached by a blondewho offers him a deal. The blonde offers him a haircut and the clotheshorse gives her the smartphone. The adult male agrees, and they move to the rear space. However, the adult male has other plans for the phone. The adult male determines he needs footage of the blondeso he will invariably fuck the blonde and blackmail her along with the video. Let's get started if you're ready.

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