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De-robe blackjack French maid

4 June 18

Today you are once again going to play de-robe blackjack but you will be playing it not against some lady you will meet in the pub but against the real french maid! Why we think that she is real maid? Well, her uniform is way to sexy and she just can't wait to get rid of it so she could do some other things insteda of cleaning the house! And she can easily to take it off right away but her french nature just won't let her to do it without some flirting activity... even though this flirting activity is a card game. The rules are simple and quite classic for virtual blackjack games but if you have no idea how to play it still you can check the instructions from the main menu before you will begin to play. Just remebr that our maid will loose clothes only when you win and that she iwll put on when you will lose them bacl.

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