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Daughter's Penalty

17 April 18

This game will tell you the story about an 18-year-old girl. Her father was a male who had a family. But, her mother got married to another person. He is a sadistic, bald man. He enjoys punishing his adopted female offspring. Delma is the mother that leaves one night. The foster father grabs the chance. He grabs his female offspring and drags them to the basement. There's a BDSM sex device. The foster father attaches his female offspring to this device and begins spanking the girl's beautiful buttocks. He then throws it on the dirt pad. The swell begins to fuck the young female offspring with her cunt. The daddy has a thick cock which causes pain and tears. The daddy pulls out a vibrator and begins to fuck the lady in the ass. The woman isn't a victim of sexual perversion, and she starts screaming in pain. Are you curious about the rest of the story? Make love now.

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