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Bare God 3: Pleasure Dome

20 May 21

This is only one of brief games out of"Naked God" series that brings a bit of dream motif and interactive hentai together. In this game youw ill be carrying a part of large and powerful warrior who needs to deal with a few eveil sorceress except to defeat her must seek to... sate her sexually! Mor e- he'll need to get it done befor period will run his or her game is going to probably be over in most ways. To win the game you need to attempt and combine different deeds from accessible list - from coochie taunting and fondling to hasty and ultrafast buttfuck lovemaking! Just click on the action and love aniamted scene while the pleasure bar will be filling up. When it becomes full you'll be permitted to perfom a cum shot and complete the game. The game isn't difficult unless youw waste most of the time sans taking any deeds at all.

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