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Aiza City Hunter

17 July 18

"Aiza City Hunter" is an action-arcade game set in modern style and which will tell you th epeic jounrey of one sexy looking damsel and her struggle against an never-ending hordes of extraterrastrial monsters! As the playe ryou will take control over this pink-haired big-chested sweetie so it will be up to you to make all the fighting so pay attention to the controls list. The monsters our heroine will meet inside her path will try to de-robe her down and fuck her unless they will get kneed in their ugly faces very first but if you are here fo rthe manga porn content then may be there is some sense in missing a couple of attacks to enjoy some manga porn animations... but don't let them to overcome main heroine too often or she will turn into their sextoy forever instead of becoming the hero of her hometown city!

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