Con Quest Fuck Pokemon Cosplayer

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Con Quest – Fuck Pokemon Cosplayer

20 July 18

Sexy ladies and Pokemons - what do they have in common? They are both welcome guests at the annual ConQuest The convention that is open to all fans of cosplay! However, what was supposed to become the celebration of love and beauty is set to turn into grim hues due to the fact that an old witch has decided to choose this amazing spot as the place to begin the process of conquering the entire world! Luckily, both you and your gorgeous partner had planned to attend the event regardless... Why is that 'luckily'? because you belong to the old magician order, which prevents the threat of such a thing as one of its primary goals! Now it's your job to accomplish the work of turning bad thingsback into the right ones... and to have fun with hot-looking cosplayers as you try to free the dark side of them during the process!