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Monster eXXXperiment

26 November 22

What can be more awesome and amazing than researching monsters? Yet something tells us that it will be way more of exhilaration than thrills since somehow you ended up in a research laboratory that is researching primarily hot and hot female monsters. Now you will join the team and do eveyrthing that is necessary - from taking correct care of them and approximately organizing breeding! And who recognizes - possibly you will come to be the most effective emlpoyee of the month?

Ryuko`s Life Fiber Adventure

22 June 23

In the beginning it may seem that this visual novel adheres to the official storyline of "Kill la Kill" series yet soon you will notice all the differences: longer and also more detailed sexual and also hentai scenes! Always intended to see Ryoko Matoi not only kicking asses yet additionally getting her pleasant ass fucked? Then you are at the right area! And also ofcourse the others of your favored characters will be entailed too!

Waifu Academy

16 March 22

"Waifu Academy" is a very classic visual novel that you'll play one of the characters who has a chance to become the person had always wanted to be. This is possible since being enrolled at an elite private school where no one really knows who he really is, giving him the chance to develop into a completely new and much better person... while also sexing hot women of course!

On My Way Home

9 October 23

The parents of major character of this story strangely go away and in order to keep living he decide to relocate to the large city. Yet can you avoid the past so very easy? And we are chatting not only concerning college and childhood years buddies yet we are speaking about the enigmas that can follow you anywhere. Well, possibly new areas, new buddies and new relationships will aid you to feel far better! Possibly...

(+18) The Teacher's Law

24 June 19

Since it is already obvious from the title of this game"The Teacher's Law" will be an interactive story about the relations between instructos and students and paying attention on what exactly kind of website you are playing the game at you can state that these relations will probably be quite adult and titillating. But besides obvious presence of orgy scenes author has tried to bring in some interesting characters and catchy story also so if you wish to know more then start playing . As for the gameplay part then this game is close to erotic visual novels where you ensue the story and make certain choices at the vital points of it sending it to one or another direction (and hoping that it will lead you to orgy scenes somewhere in perspective).

Cristal Springs Odyssey

22 September 22

This video game simulates dating. with graphic material. Players will be introduced to a young college pupil who copes with a active and perverted mommy and regularly locates himself in inappropriate placements via events. You have to aid him in fucking and seducing college ladies. Beginning looking for educators after that since these ravenous ladies have a thing for young children who have a huge dick in their pants. Therefore, let's begin our expedition right away.

Home Trainer: Domestic Corruption

20 June 23

According to this story your parents were fairly succesful yet their line of work has offered your family members not only large money yet additionally a large problem. The strange fire has damaged your residence leaving you with nothing at all... and also presently you have ultimately know what a mircale it is to have excellent old aunt Ayleen who is all set to take you in! Well, she is not that old in fact and also she is excellent in many other facets besides her character. And also who could claim that coping with her and also Nina will come to be an ultimate test for your adjustment skills? So lets see if you can turn her area into a lot more crazy area than it already is!


20 May 22

Hot blonde chick agrees to strip down for you yet so you would not assume that she is a complete slut she intends to do it in a kind of game - the card game of "higher-lower". The main point should be obvious already from the title - try to presume will the next card be higher or lower than previous. Every time when you presume correct and she presumes wrong she will loose several of her garments!


2 April 22

Pixel art game designed exclusively for adults. you get to finally achieve what you've often wanted to do when you were playing games with a hot persona - kiss her! Of course, in this game for this reason, you will not be punished or even a penalty - that's the principle of the game. The more intimate you become the higher you'll go!

Lab Rats

1 May 23

The game invites players to construct their own pharmaceutical empire, while simultaneously corrupting a lot of their beauties and staff members. All staff members are randomly created, so each new playthrough promises fulfilling new dizzying beauties. The player must pick ideal candidates to work in his pharmacy, along with lug out the appropriate training. The player can acquire numerous renovations for the pharmacy, such as perks, advertising and marketing, and even new buildings. With this game, players can discover the game world and feel like entrepreneurs, making all the key decisions for running a successful business. The game offers players many amazing moments and offers them many possibilities to construct their empire.

Maddie Teases

26 May 21

Some hot chick is intending to seduce her boyfriend by sending him some kinky images of herself yet she is a full newbie at this. May be you can aid her and also guide her via the most important moments of the art of digital seduction? Well, ofcourse you will additionally get the opportunity to enjoy the results yet only if you will show yourself useful enough! So what do you claim? Yes?

The Party

8 November 20

Is it even possible to start a party that will last the whole week?

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