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MrPinku: Let's Mix Stuff

17 April 18

Dp you like to combine up components in effort to make something? Seems like Mr Pinku enjoys it. Did he make this game you're about to playwith? When the game begins you will see a set scene. There will be some damsel in some location encircled components and by several animals. And your job will be to switch these some elements mentioned before all. You'll observe some spectacle, where all elements and characters are all distinct to each other, After you may create the spectacle. And do not worry you will overlook it because once you will set the ideal match you will see the special sign - click on it and launch the play. Some scene is going to wind up with hump and a few will wind up with comedy. But which do you choose?

Lust Vampyres - Von Trell and Mewy Harker

5 November 23

The renowned beast seeker Vin Trell and his as sexy as she threatens companion Mewy Harker (yep, she is also a nekogirl) determine to invest some time far from all the individuals and troubles. Did they really thought that the creepy town much away from any visitor routes would certainly be an excellent choice? Becasue the only point that this place is missing out on is a sign for "Creeps Invited"!