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20 February 19

These days, there are just 40 days of value in-game content. This is a re-released hot-fixed edition. ALSO there has been a huge file corruption in my previous computer and the document I regained ended up having a plenty of of graphic mistakes, I have not discovered them but am working to correct them. For instance the cabin doorway number's with an additional 1 under them occasionally. Things like this are in the result of the corruption. So I am still fixing things out of it. This fresh model adds a plenty of of fresh content. Obviously the game is still in very early evolution so... Please say bugs below. You will find so all of the help is superb! I normally fix bugs pretty within a duo of days of coverage on here ! I know the game has bugs and balancing issues. They'll be stationary once I have free-for-all time. (I'm bad at English but a whole lot of effort was set up. I'm from Thailand.). If you want to encourage the game, please consider donating for my Patreon. I'd love to have your aid. I'm actually going thru several health care issues right now but that I will be hard as I can. The plantation is currently unavailable for the second to the general public, Patrons are testing it to me first.