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Meet and Fuck Secret Agent

12 April 18

The main character of the game isa CIA spy. in the early morning. Briefing at the secret headquarters. Emmet von Braun has been kidnapped. According to intelligence agencies, he has invented a new kind of weapon that is capable of killing numerous people. You are aware that some of the weapons are found in Eastern European countries. It is essential to locate the part of the weapon which prevents terrorists from blowing up the bomb. So, first speak with a Western European agent. Choose the country that you're planning to visit. For example, Belgium. Milan is waiting for you there. In order to get important benefits from her You must be happy with your girlfriend. Take a drink in the evening and have sexual relations with Mirana in a pink-colored fem. You'll then travel to Budapest to meet another informant. If you're having sexual relationship with her, the girl will let you know where the other parts are.