Doctor Girlfriend

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Successful patient 03

23 May 18

Viist to teh hospital is not necessary will be a terrible thing. For example in this game main character is going to visit hospital for some regular examination but he is lucky enough to get into mitts of Miss O'Connel and Ellie - buxomy lady doc an dher non the less big-boobed nurse assistant! Pretty shortly our dude gets a boner and it is up to this couple of medical workers to care for his health because they know that having a boner without orgy is not very healthy... So the only thing is left to do is to decide which one of them will begin the procedures first-ever? Regardless of the choice it's possible to get treayd to watch a serie sof well made and naimated CG orgy scenes where you can change such parameters as inetnsity of the act and camera view angles!

Exposing handsome Alicia

28 June 18

Alicia has problems and today she is going to visit a physician. Andd guess who is going to perform the doctor today? That's right - you! Game begins with yoru blonde nurse assistant informing youthat you ahve new patient Alicia with some strange form of sexual addicition. Ofcourse you will have to not only examine her but also to check how high is the level of her sexual addiction by the only proper method - fucking her right here at your offcie! And don't forget that you will need one more opinion about Alicia's case you can always ask your assistant to join! During the game you will have to make choices at some essential points of the story so you could get one of couple pretty different endings- total there will be 7 (!) Endings and some of them will provide you with bonus content!

Yoko 3some

28 June 18

The texts in these game are tough to review yet overal story is simple - one of the most hot anime redheads Yoko Littner locates herself a stupid cotsume and gets into scenarios a lot more stupid! Yet lets be honest - with such big tits and her clean shaved pussy being visible to every person around did she actually intended to get out of all of this without getting fucked? That's right.

Naive patient

3 April 21

This game will let you to try yourself as a doc. But not a regular doc - the gynecology medic! Just don't worry - you won't need any special knowledges for the event that you will have to deal in this particular game. So just have some fun and enjoy a lot of sexual content that you will see afterward! And the case that you will have to deal with may involve one of your recent patients - this blonde chicks is at least as hot as she is naive. Listen to her problems, pretend that you care and invite the nurse to the cabinet so you may have a threesome with her! The gameplay is not hard at all but the anime porn scenes are very titillating. If you enjoyed this game then visit our website where you can find more erotic games about physicians and tehir patients.

Urban Voyeur

27 June 19

In this erotic escapade game you will be playing the role of one very succesfull therapist. He (and now you) made himself a good reputation and now got an invitation to work at some private health center in New York! Ofcourse you will accept this invitation and this is where your story will begin... The game is based on you having a relationship with many friends, co-workers, patients and even neighbours and finding ways to shape this relations. Ofcourse it will involve lots of tricky situations since one of your fave pastimes is to watch over other people through the telescope and obviously different characters will be taking it in different ways. How long will you be able to keep it in secret and will you be able to not only troubles but any benefits also? Play the game to discover!

Dirty Ernie Showcase Ep. 4

1 May 21

Animated humorous display about the oldman at the hospital who tries to have as much fun as he could will continue using 4th vignette and it is going to be intense since today Sexy Nurse and Heavy Flo are going to clash for the title of"Head nurse"! Ofcourse before taking part in these serious competition they both will have to train a lot and also the fact that Buck is helping Sexy Nurse is going to add even more fuel to the fire of this rivalry. But will there even be a place for fun and sexy events? Ofcourse! But those are surprise sthat you will be more fun to reveal by yourself! Notice: in case if you got stuck after the announcment of"inspection day..." use right click on the game screen and choose forward then right click again and choose play to handle this small bug.