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Slut Crevasses

25 May 18

In this not very hard erotic game you are going to witness the situation when one dude has to deal with five sexy tramps at the same time! And looks like he could use the help from the player because even tho' the fun part he will be doing by himself there will be some moments when he will have to response some tricky question. Why tricky? Becasue the wrong reaction will ruin this orgy in a moment and the game will be over - that's why! And how could he risk it and reaction them when all of his blood has run away from his brain to his other bodypart? As we already said he is going to do that with help from the player - that's how! So make your choices wisely if you want to see as much of this content a spossible or in cas eof making mistake you will have to commence all over again.

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