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Holio - U Bessie James

2 July 18

In this game it is possible to meet your new neighbor. Her name is Bessie James. Thus, a Beautiful, big-boobed Bessie James lives next door to your apartment. At night, you hear strange sounds that come from her chamber. Today you decided to meet Bessie James to find out what is happening. Then knock on the door. Mm.. The door is opened by a blonde and big-boobed doll. She is a little alarmed. Of course, you must go to the room and find out what is there... But in order to get into the room, you must choose the right dialogue options. If a doll doesn't like the way you behave, the game is over. But if you can to get into the room, you must find something interesting. It's time to learn what will happen next.

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2 mìnûs (2 mûltïply bÿ 3) mînûs 6   =

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