Miles Prower Aka Tails

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A Helping Palm

30 April 19

Redheads? Furries? Lesbians? This parody comics also features the main heroines of Sonic the Hedgehog's popular universe. Tails is now a sleepyhead, while Tails is a horny sailor. It looks like Tails is having a problem. Because the sexy redhead is always finding a way for her to fulfill her needs in some way or another.

Sonic Transformed 2

22 June 18

Sonic along with Miles - two greatest buddies an dmain personalities of missing and plenty of arcade videogames - are again to create their worshippers happy... but just those worshippers that always wished to watch these less dudes but as huge-titted unshaved females and have another kind of interactice joy together. After you may start a game you'll need to select among these and thsi will define with whom you will play during that sesh. That is correct - maybe not"as " however"with whom" since this will be hentai parody created from first person perspective! When the decision has been made the gameplay will start. Nothing gonzo here - just select different scenes and love the animations. After a final jizz shot animation you get into the next action or may eithe thsi level!