Kingdom Hearts

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Dong of Hearts (In-Development)

27 June 19

"Dong of Hearts" is an interactive show designed for the adult audience that will take you in an adventure across a variety of cartoon universes! There is a significant influence of the parody genre so prepare to meet some of your favorite characters, experience familiar situations, and discover many allusions to other famous and well-known films, however the characters will be revealed through a special prysm: the prysms of erotic and hentai! The story begins with the evil force, known simply as Black Mass having control over a this beautiful island. to stop it from spreadingyou must unite the forces of your own Find a method to please all Princesses of Pleasures so that they can provide you with the power to save this world!

Dong of Hearts

9 March 23

The most exciting part about this story is that aside from the magic powers, you'll be able to enjoy bonus sweets like a gorgeous companions you could enjoy some sexually naughty fun on the beach... but only after you two eliminate the malevolent black masses that are threatening the magical fairytale landscapes! This is the time to take on your partner and to take on your adversaries!