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Jordan 500 Stories: Shy Mike the Investor

1 May 18

A private soiree where beautiful girls are looking for cavaliers. The principal character is really a big-boobed blonde. She arrived at a soiree to become familiar with a successful investor. He is ready to suggest a lot of money. But to be successful you have to choose the dialogue choices that are perfect. Don't be bullied or impolite. Everything is going well and the investor is leaving for the motel together with the blonde. Now your mission is to tempt the blonde and perform fucky-fucky with her. For this, you have to use some hint. Andmoney. Much money. Following that, you'll see the blonde will take off her clothes and be ready for lewd fucky-fucky.

Jordan 500

17 March 19

Jordan is a petite city gal dreaming of a celebrity career in a major city. But unpleasant reality quickly put in more than her wishes. In the large city she was not particular - just another pretty face attempting to embark a profession... Jordan quickly realized that getting a celebrity might not be as effortless as she anticipated. With each passing day, with every failed casting, she became increasingly miserable. After a night having rich, gorgeous fellow out of the club they acquired in her bedroom and the afternoon arrived. She had been alone in her bed. Mike had vanished, however... on her nightstand she discovered $300 and a notice:"You're amazing but you need to awaken. Things are not always what they appear." Following the first shock handed, she become angry. "He treated me like a whore! How can he do anything like this?" She commenced to rethink past night's affairs. 300 dollars was enough to cover her flat for another week or 2. Maybe promoting her figure was actually a remedy for that which she called"makeshift problems"? She enjoyed intercourse, and it was effortless money. Moreoverthere was a small opportunity, that doing this she might finally meet the right person to assist her career. So, you've got 100 times to discover true love or turn into number one contact girls at city - the choice is yours.

Jordan 500

3 May 21

This isn't the only an donly game regarding sexy and sex-positive blonde called Jordan so that you probably already know exactly what to hope - another great intercative advnture starring sexy babe who's ready to fullfill the many secret desires for only a five hundred dollars (yep, that is where the name with this entire series has arrived out of) and which you can love not only a spectator - as in a number of different games out of"Lesson of Fire" series here you'll be making a great deal of options and decisions which can let you to create your personal story and direct you to among few diverse endings. Now do not make Jordan to wait any more and work out how this shy ultra-cutie from petite city has made her way into the shirts in the major city due to her character abilities and enthusiasm for fucky-fucky with strangers!