Pussymon Episode 40

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Pussymon: Episode 40

12 November 18

One more milestone is attained as you get the chance to love fresh sequence of Pussymon Saga which goes from the numebr 40 straight here and now! And this usually means that the research of fresh hot fur covered characters in addition to the efforts on rescuing the wolrd which you and your faithful companies from Pyssmon Hunter Society are carrying on quite much routine foundation will proceed! Apart from obtaining a fresh chapter of this significant story there'll be additional duo of side quests along with easter eggs in addition to the regular pair of fresh thinsg which you get with every fresh release. And when this sequence will look at little bit briefer than normal then it's only since the next sequence will be something specific and required a tiny bit longer to create it. Oh, and the next sequence will soon be Halloween themed with the way!